How to get better gas mileage, really!

Tips to Improve Gas Mileage That Actually Work

Since the price of gasoline has stayed relative low recently, talk about improving gas mileage has subsided a bit. If gas costs a little or a lot, it’s still wise to conserve fuel. Fueling up still costs money, and oil remains a scarce resource.

Before you invest in any sketchy gas-saving schemes, consider the tips to improve gas mileage at Your tax money pays for these useful resources, so might as well benefit from them!

Improve Gas Mileage: The Video

Here’s a quick video from and MotorWeek for people who prefer to watch their fuel economy tips:

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Start Your Work-at-Home Writing Business

Yes, You Can Become a Paid Writer At Home

Let’s just say that you’re here because you need to earn extra money or work from home. However, you’re not exactly sure what skills you have that can help you serve paying clients. If you’re reading this and like to read, it’s a good bet that you could easily gain the skills that you need to write for the web. In fact, you may already have them. Either way, you might explore the idea of becoming a freelance writer.

Who Are Freelance Writers?

Before you run off and say that you couldn’t possible write for money, you should consider some statistics about the average freelance writer. These were gathered from a survey on a major freelance writing website.

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3 DIY Alternative Energy Projects for the Weekend

DIY Alternative Energy Projects You Can Do

Some people may get more benefits from simply finding ways to make their homes more energy efficient for conventional energy projects. However, these fun and very doable DIY alternative energy projects can be done in a few days or over the weekend, and they are a good way to get introduced to how simple some types of free or cheap energy really are to use. They also make good educational projects to do with kids. Of course, they should all be done with adult supervision. These project do supply real power, so they can be somewhat hazardous for people who aren’t careful.

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7 Real Ways to Make Money on the Internet

7 Tested Ways to Make Money on the Internet

The Internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for people to work from remote locations. In some cases, salaried jobs even allow folks to work online from their houses and houseboats. However, most online work-at-home jobs are freelance, contract, or businesses opportunities. Some folks have gotten cynical about the chance to make money online just because their have been so many work-at-home scams.

Red Flags for Work-At-Home Scams

However, some common sense will uncover the real ways to make money on the Internet. The big red flag to spotting scams is when somebody wants you to pay them to work. That’s not how it is supposed to work. Sure, some legitimate middle-men companies may take a percentage for your trouble. However, that’s only a commission that they get on what you are actually going to get paid.

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Pros and Cons of Early Mortgage Payoffs

What Should You Repair Before You Try to Sell Your Home?

What to Fix Before You Sell?

Prospective home sellers tend to believe some myths about what they need to fix in their home before they can put it on the market. Certainly, any experienced real estate agent will advise clients to present their home in as positive as way as possible in order to sell them faster or get a higher price. However, it’s pretty understandable to find that many homeowners feel reluctant to invest a lot of cash in their old house just to sell it to somebody else.

Some people are so put off by the thought of investing in repairs to a home that they are just going to sell that they actually hold off on selling even if it would be a good financial decision for them. Here’s a secret. In order to sell your house, you actually don’t have to fix anything. You can sell a house on an as-is basis if you choose. You just have to accept the fact that the home might not be as attractive to buyers, so you may have to accept a lower sales price and/or wait longer to make a sale. You can also pick and choose what you plan to fix and negotiate with buyers.

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