The Semi-Vegan: Why Celebrate Meatless Monday or Tofu Tuesday?

The Backsliding or Mostly Vegan Diet Cure It’s been a couple of years since the Frugal Pig urged readers to consider celebrating Meatless Monday. While we haven’t talked about it much, a lot of us here have slowly been switching over to a vegan or semi-vegan diet. Some people call this being a flexitarian, which sounds better than semi-vegan or

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Earn Digital Money by Joining a Social Network

You Can Earn Digital Money With Social Posting Here at the, we’ve gotten pretty obsessed over electronic currency. If nothing else, you’ve certain heard about the Bitcoin boom (and a few busts). You don’t need several thousand dollars, or any money at all, to start earning digital currency that you can actually transfer into bitcoin, dollars, or the fiat

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