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November 17, 2019


Why Diets Make Us Fat

Creating Your First Budget: With Family Budgeting Worksheets

The Importance of Family Budgeting Here at Frugal Pig, we find that most people or families don’t suffer from gigantic financial issues. Instead, they suffer from a multitude of small budgeting issues that accumulate into large problems over time. Very often, problems managing cash flow or debt start with small lapses in discipline that can

Enjoy a Frugal New Year

6 Top Personal Frugality Resolutions for 2016

Happy Frugal 2016! Here at the Frugal Pig, we’re not going to ask you to shed 10 pounds or give up caffeine for the new year. Of course, you are free to make those new year’s resolutions if you want to. Instead, our mission is to help people learn to live a happier and more

Credit Card Payoff Strategies: Mr. Spock vs. Captain Kirk

Anybody who has ever suffered with the burden of high-interest debt, particularly unsecured debt, knows that the burden can suck all of the joy out of life, not to mention how it can suck disposable income. There are plenty of good reasons to make a resolution to reduce balances on credit cards, but it’s obviously