About The Original Frugal Living Website

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We Know Frugal Living!

At The Frugal Pig, the original Frugal Living Website, we have evolved over the past several years into a community of mostly serious authors and readers with a passion for helping people save money, live comfortably, and preserve the environment.  We believe in sustainable living, energy efficiency, and enjoying a frugal and healthy lifestyle on a budget.

Along with our guiding star, the Frugal Pig, we all believe that you can still live large and live within your means.

What Topics Interest the Readers of This Frugal Living Website?

We cover topics like extreme frugality, saving for retirement, cheap ways to travel, how to live in a more environmentally-friendly way, and how to help your neighbors and other people you share the planet with some too.

If you have something to share, submit your ideas about high quality content to the Frugal Pig editors with our contact form. These must be informational pieces, and they must not be advertisements, but if your idea gets accepted, you will be welcome to include a link back to your own site or social page. In return, we expect a link back to your article.