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What Type of Debt Should You Pay Off First?

Just last year, U.S. News and World Report published survey results that suggested the average amount of credit card debt in U.S. households is at least $15,000. For a country with a median wage of just about $26,000 and household income is a little over $50,000, that’s really a high debt level. Besides credit cards, other common household debts include mortgages and vehicle loans.

While most people hope to minimize debt, it’s clearly impossible for most to simply write a check to make it evaporate. Instead of hoping to pay off all debt, it’s most important to understand that different kinds of debt exist. Also, some types of debt are worse than others.

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Free Fantasy & Science Fiction eBooks Every Day

How to Find Free, Quality eBooks Every Day

There are tons of free eBooks that you can download to enjoy in an eReader, browser, or other application. The problem is that many of them are not that good. While some accomplished and established authors use free promotions to attract more readers, a lot of free books suffer from a lack of editing or other thought. How can you tell the difference?

Once way to save time and money is to look for some online collating services that keep track of eBooks that are both free and good. If this sounds attractive to you, consider some suggestions to help you keep yourself stocked with electronic speculative fiction every day.

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Recipe: Vegan Turkey & Stuffing

Let’s not talk about factory farming, or the $95 price tag on one of those so-called organic and “happy” turkeys from Whole Foods. Instead, let’s consider how to skip the whole nasty business. This tasty soy turkey and stuffing recipe is likely to help everybody forget about a craving for dark or light meet off of the bone. The ingredients are common, and it’s likely that you already have many of them in your pantry.

Tips: There are two steps to this recipe, so you might want to either do the first part of the prep the day before or at least, several hours before you need to serve your vegan turkey and stuffing dinner. Also, there seem to be a lot of steps, but it’s because we’ve broken the recipe down quite a bit. It’s actually pretty simple, fun, and satisfying.

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Pros and Cons of Early Mortgage Payoffs

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly?

Most people who plan to stay in their home dream of the day that they can burn their mortgage. Imagine the luxury of living in a house that is owned free and clear of any debt. There is no doubt that it will provide some security and reduce monthly fixed costs. Of course, the faster a mortgage gets payed off, the less overall interest payments there are that need to be paid. It might seem that paying off a mortgage quickly is always a sound financial decision, but in this current lending climate that may not be true.

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Credit Card Payoff Trek

Credit Card Payoff Strategies: Mr. Spock vs. Captain Kirk

Credit Card Payoff Trek
Credit Card Payoff Trek

Anybody who has ever suffered with the burden of high-interest debt, particularly unsecured debt, knows that the burden can suck all of the joy out of life, not to mention how it can suck disposable income. There are plenty of good reasons to make a resolution to reduce balances on credit cards, but it’s obviously easier to preach about than actually do it. There’s no preaching here but simply some solid advice about ways to work on this issue.

In many cases, people who have successfully paid off high and burdensome credit card balances decide upon a strategy and stick to it. In that spirit, consider these two credit card payoff strategies.

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