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Is Vaping Really Cheaper Than Smoking?

Vaping chaper than smoking
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Besides grave risks to your health, smoking poses a big risk to your pocketbook. On average, a two-pack-a-day smoker will probably spend $400 or more on cigarettes each month. Along with other potential reasons to switch to vaping, you might have heard that vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes. If you choose your vaping device and vaping juice right, replacing cigarettes with vapes could be a very frugal choice.

How Much Cheaper is Vaping Than Smoking?

When you smoke, you just need cigarettes and a lighter. Packs of cigarettes usually cost from $6 to $8 bucks in the USA today, so that two-pack-a-day habit will probably cost you at least $500 a month.

According to a CNN Money summarized on, vaping instead of smoking might save you 45 percent or more each month. For instance, you might spend from $25 to $40 on your first vaping device. If you’re not sure which one to buy, you might read this review of good vaping devices for smokers.

If you choose one of the vapes with refillable pods, you also need to buy a bottle of nicotine salt e-juice, and you will probably spend about $20 for 30 ml. Typically, pods hold from one to two ml, and this should last you a good part of the day. It’s possible for you to replace at least one pack of cigarettes for just about a dollar, so even if you smoke two packs, you might only spend a couple of bucks.

Even you decided to buy a device like the Juul, which is pretty good for people who are new to vaping, the pre-filled pods range about four bucks each, and one should last you a good part of the day, so you’ll still probably save money. You might also shop around for refillable pods from third-party vendors that will work with devices like the Juul.

Is Vaping More Frugal Than Smoking?

Some folks complain that they enjoy vaping so much, they end up vaping more than they smoked in the first place. If you’re a smoker who is trying to kick the habit and can enforce some discipline upon yourself, it should be pretty easy for you to save money by vaping.

Again, this article isn’t meant to debate the health merits of either vaping or smoking, but most researchers have concluded that vaping is probably, at least, safer than smoking too for adults who already smoke. Do you own research to decide if vaping presents a good alternative to smoking for you.

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