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November 17, 2019

Weight Loss

Why Diets Make Us Fat

5 Obvious Reasons Why Weight-Loss Diets Make People Fatter

Obviously Diets Make People Fatter There must be dozens of popular weight-loss diets on bestseller lists or the top ranks of Google search. Sadly, the National Institute of Health found that one-third of us qualifies as obese and two-thirds of us are at least overweight. Here at FrugalPig.com, we don’t like to see people wasting

My Egg Fast Diet Results for a Three-Day Egg Fast

What Were My Egg Fast Diet Results? If you’ve done any research on keto or low-carb dieting, you’ve probably come across some reports about a type of temporary diet plan called an egg fast. I tripped upon information about the egg fast because I was trying to break one of those frustrating weight-loss plateaus. Since