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About The Frugal Living WebsiteWe're frugal, but that doesn't mean we're interested in wallowing in any muck. We're enthusiastic travelers, diehard foodies, sophisticated shoppers, educated investors, responsible stewards of our environment, tech geeks, and so much more. To us, frugality simply means making sensible choices and sometimes, learning how to access resources that many people thought were out of reach.

While we discuss frugal living, we explore the smart, sustainable, and sometimes secret ways to make our money work harder. Sometimes, you can save money with smart buying choices; however, very often, the right answer is to earn more money from your hard work and savings. Also, the cheapskate living choice isn't always the frugal one.

The Frugal Pig Mission: We want our resources to provide us with more security and even more fun! At the same time, we're interested in preserving the environment, enhancing our communities, and giving back. We want to work together with the frugal community to increase financial security, explore new concepts and places, enjoy quality, and possess the most priceless things in life, like satisfaction and adventure.

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Increase Credit Scores After Chapter 7

Frugal Living: A Framework for the 21 Century

May 18, 2023 piglet

Frugal living in the 21st Century doesn’t look like your grandparent’s frugal lifestyle. Enjoy life with this frugal living framework.

Is Student Loan Forgiveness Taxable?

August 25, 2022 pakman

I’m sure many of you students and former students are excited about Biden’s announced $10,000 in student loan forgiveness. But what will it mean for your taxes? The short answer is not much, at least not federally. This is usually Read more…

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7 Ways to Earn Money in the Metaverse

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3 Ways to Earn Money Online Without Selling

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7 Real Ways to Make Money on the Internet

January 23, 2016 piglet

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