Thursday, 25 February, 2021

Welcome to The Frugal Pig: The Frugal Living Website for the Rest of Us!

Here at The Frugal Pig, running a frugal living website doesn’t mean we’re interested in wallowing in the mud. We don’t want to sacrifice quality of life at all. After all, pigs are very intelligent creatures.

If pigs had pockets and bank accounts, they would surely learn the best strategies for managing business and personal finances, housing, travel, groceries, shopping, and much more. To us, frugality simply means making sensible choices and sometimes, learning how to access resources that many people thought were out of reach. Maybe you can afford that overseas trip, college fund, or house that you believed was out of your reach.

While we discuss frugal living, we explore the smart, sustainable, and sometimes secret ways to make our money work harder. Sometimes, you can save money with smart buying choices; however, very often, the right answer is to earn more money from your hard work and savings. Also, the cheapskate living choice isn’t always the frugal one.

The Frugal Pig Mission

We want our resources to provide us with more security and even more fun! At the same time, we’re interested in preserving the environment, enhancing our communities, and giving back. We want to work together with the frugal community to increase financial security, explore new concepts and places, enjoy quality, and possess the most priceless things in life, like satisfaction and adventure.

Note: Please don’t consider anything on Frugal Pig as investment advice. For the legal stuff, please see our Privacy Page.


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