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Healthy, Sustainable, and frugal food from the Frugal Pig.

Simple, tasty, and cheap enchilada bake

This cheap and easy enchiladas recipe can cost about $1 a serving, satisfy cravings, and stuff everybody’s bellies.

Salvage Food Saves Money and Resources

Online and local grocery salvage markets help consumers save money and reduce food waste.

Bargain Guide to Groceries

Yes, you can find high-quality, healthy bargain groceries for foodies and families.

Why Diets Make Us Fat

Obviously Diets Make People Fatter There must be dozens of popular weight-loss diets on bestseller lists or the top ranks of Google search. Sadly, the National Institute of Health found that one-third of us qualifies as obese and two-thirds of Read more…

Curb Your Sweet Tooth With Low-Carb Cheesecake Not only is this cheesecake recipe low in carbohydrates, it’s also fairly low in calories and high in protein. Plus, you can whip it up from common ingredients within just about five minutes. Read more…