Sunday, 29 January, 2023

The Frugal Living Website for the Rest of Us!


About the Frugal Pig: This is the latest incarnation of The Frugal Pig, an established and popular frugal business and living website. Life as a Frugal Pig isn’t just about rolling around in the muck all day! See, pigs are actually very intelligent and clean animals. The pigs here believe that it’s possible to re-imagine and re-engineer lifestyles and businesses for a more fruitful and sustainable existence. In that spirit, we hope to offer frugal-living tips, a different point of view, and hopefully sometimes, inspiration.

Let’s Explore Frugal Living & Business Together

Our mission is to help individuals, families, communities, and even society enjoy and profit from more sustainable living. We also hope to showcase experts and thought leaders in various fields to help engage, educate, and sometimes entertain our visitors. We can accomplish this mission by providing action ideas to help people manage finances, conserve energy, eat better and cheaper food, and live in a more sustainable and frugal way.

Frugal Pig Editors

Yes, our editors have funny nicknames for this website. Still, they’re extremely serious professionals when it comes to personal finance and frugality.

Piglet: An experienced website developer and marketer, Piglet also has years of experience in the software and financial industries.

PAKMan: An educated financial professional, PAKMan has experience with accounting software, the real estate and mortgage industry, and internet content production.

Navigation Tips for the Frugal Pig

If you have some positive ideas about how we can improve and evolve, you can contact the Frugal Pig here. Also, find our Twitter and Facebook logos at the top of this page as an alternative way to connect.

Write for the Frugal Pig

You can also use the contact form to tell us your ideas if you’d like to write for us. We love guests posts and don’t even mind an enlightened link or two. However, we said enlightened and not totally self serving. If you want to write for us, give us your ideas and tell us how you will promote your page on your own website or social media. You can find links to our own Facebook and Twitter pages. Liking and sharing or linking to your own work seems like a reasonable request.

What’s this Frugal, Sustainable Business and Living Site About?

These are the main topics that the Frugal Pig will cover:

  • Finance: Topics include personal finance, credit, debt, retirement, and savings.
  • Fuel: Topics include alternative energy and fuel conservation.
  • Food: One of our most popular sections will cover how to save money on healthier food.
  • Pads: This is our frugal housing section, but we wanted to stick to F and P for category names.
  • Prepping: Preppers prepare for emergencies by storing, making their own energy, and so on.
  • Businesses: Get more business with smart business financing and marketing tips.