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Are Electric Bikes Worth the Money?

Are e-bikes worth the money?
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If you’re interesting in purchasing a bicycle for transportation, exercise, or to enjoy some fun, you might wonder if electric bikes are worth the extra money.

Just how much do electric bicycles cost when compared to traditional bikes without electric motors? The cost of an electric bike can vary wildly between about $600 and $8,000. The average price for many popular models probably hovers between $1,500 and $2,500.

Anyway, expect to pay hundreds more for an electric bike than a comparable traditional bicycle because of the electric motor and heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. Biking in general has enjoyed a surge of popularity, and e-bikes, despite the additional cost, have ridden along this trend.

Are Electric Bikes as Healthy as Non-Motorized Bicycles?

Yes, electric bikes can offer all sorts of people a chance to enjoy fitness, fun, and sunshine. At first glance, you might not think an e-bike offers the chance to exercise. After all, the motor can do a lot of the work. Luckily for electric bicycle fans, plenty of studies, including this one published by the New York Times, find that e-bike riders still pedal enough to enjoy a good workout.

According to e-bike riders, the workout just doesn’t feel so much like work because the motor helps them power through longer trips and up hills. In fact, the assistance provided by the motor may encourage cyclists to take longer rides, ride more frequently, and to get on their cycles in the first place.

In particular, they provide additional encouragement for older, out-of-shape, or disabled people. Some companies even make three-wheeled versions, so that people can ride them even if they can’t balance on a two-wheeled bike because of health issues or simply because they never learned to ride a two-wheeler.

In addition to strengthening joints, muscles, and hearts, e-bikes encourage people to spend time soaking up sunlight, which can help improve moods. Lots of e-bikers enjoy riding in groups and even joining bike clubs, so they get a chance to socialize.

Electric Bikes Can Save Money and Preserve the Environment

It takes pennies worth of electricity to charge an e-bike’s battery. Most chargers plug into regular wall outlets, so they’re simple to charge at home, at work, or on the go. Cyclists can charge their electric bike dozens of times for the price of one gallon of gasoline, so e-bikes offer a frugal choice. No amount of trying to save money on fuel for cars can compare.

More than saving money on fuel, the motors run quietly and without producing any emissions, so they help reduce noise and air pollution. Also, the motor helps the bicycle travel faster and further than a traditional e-cycle, so e-bike riders feel more inclined to use them to commute, run errands, and even travel.

How to Buy the Best Electric Bike for Your Needs

If you scan a large retail site, you can find dozens of electric bikes to buy. You should keep in mind that e-bikes can vary as much as traditional bikes by type. For instance, you might choose between beach cruisers, adult e-tricycles, mountain or street bikes, and more. Some manufacturers even produce models designed to carry passengers or cargo. Many companies also specialize in producing models that suit people with knee or back problems or who might have trouble mounting a typical bike.

At the same time, as with traditional bicycles, the quality and experience can vary between types of bikes and manufacturers. You should start out by realistically assessing the type of bicycle you would enjoy riding and how much you care to pay. After you’ve narrowed down your search, you can scan reviews to find out what current owners think.

Also, make certain that the seller stands behind their product with excellent customer service, warranties, and return policies. After all, sometimes you won’t know exactly what you like until you’ve tried the ones that you don’t.

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