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3 Ways to Earn Money Online Without Selling

Get Paid With No Selling
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The most visible opportunities to earn money online always seem to require selling products or services. Affiliate marketing, publishing, starting a YouTube channel, selling eBooks, and eCommerce don’t appeal to everybody. Lots of folks just want to make extra money by completing tasks that don’t require selling or marketing. If that describes you, gain some inspiration from these tested tips to help you earn money online without selling anything.

Three Tips to Earn Money Online Without Selling Anything

In addition to learning how to get paid without selling, you will also find opportunities that help you earn money without paying anything!

Tip 1: Work as a Virtual Assistant

Plenty of small businesses need well-organized virtual assistants that may help with a variety of tasks, including responding to emails, setting calendars, formatting documents, or even answering the phone.

According to Indeed’s statistics, virtual assistants earn an average of $24 an hour, and that’s relatively good pay for a flexible job that doesn’t require leaving home. You may have certain skills, like familiarity with productivity or accounting software, that can help you earn more. Of course, the actual details of these jobs can vary wildly, but you’re sure to find some opportunities that fit your skills and routine.

You can search job sites like Indeed. Alternatively, if you don’t mind yourself a bit, you can connect with prospective employers on social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Just take care to check out employers before committing to avoid misunderstandings or even scams.

Tip 2: Review and Test Apps, Products, and Websites

You’re online a lot anyway, so you might as well spend some time getting paid for it. Legitimate companies hire beta testers and reviewers to ensure they’re products live up to their high standards in real-world situations. They should offer pay and in some cases, these companies will send physical products that you can keep after testing them.

Some examples of companies that hire testers and reviewers include:

Tip 3: Enroll in Focus Groups

You might not care to sell anything, but companies, political parties, and even the government need to sell their products, services, or programs. These organizations all pay people to attend online or in-person focus groups. You can get paid online without selling and by just offering your opinions. If you don’t mind a bit of local travel, you might also enjoy the experience of meeting with in-person focus groups. Some of these opportunities pay hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of your time.

How do you find paid focus groups? Some examples of focus group companies you can enroll in today include, for caregivers and patients,, and

How Else Can You Earn Money Online Without Much Selling?

If you don’t mind a bit of selling, you might offer your specific skills on websites like LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, and Facebook. You’re basically promoting yourself and your skills. Also, please refer to this previous article about earning money online to help you explore other opportunities and most importantly, avoid scams. If you have any suggestions about tried and tested ways to get paid without doing marketing, let us know in the comments.

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