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7 Ways to Earn Money in the Metaverse

Make money in the metaverse
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In the past few decades, millions of people found ways to make money online by marketing, selling, freelancing, teaching, and more. In many of these niches, the market’s grown relatively crowded. Thus, some early adopters have begun to explore opportunities to earn money in the metaverse. If you’re interest in virtual reality as more than just a way to play games, a metaverse job might offer a great opportunity.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse describes virtual reality spaces that people can visit via Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and other devices. According to Tom’s Guide, good examples of VR headsets include Oculus 2, PlayStation VR, and Valve Index.

Even though most people associate these consoles and the metaverse with gaming, visitors to the metaverse can find plenty of other things to do, including entertainment, education, training, and communication. Notable organizations like Walmart and the USPS already use VR for training. As the technology matures and more people start to explore VR, expect to see even more metaverse devices and applications.

Opportunities to Earn Money in the Metaverse

Do you want to get paid to contribute to building the metaverse? Get inspired with these current opportunities to earn money with VR. The available opportunities will depend upon your preferences and skills, but expect to see a lot more ways to earn money in the metaverse appear in the future. Perhaps you will come up with your own ideas that others will want to emulate.

Metaverse Developers and Designers

People with the technical skills or even just the inclination to learn should find an eager market for their skills as metaverse developers. Naturally, companies have already started advertising jobs for metaverse coders, hardware architects, security specialists, and analysts. Similarly, architects, designers, and artists can help create buildings, clothes, avatars, and entire virtual words.

Metaverse Trainers, Teachers, and Course Developers

People with experience in specific fields of knowledge or industries can contribute their skills to help build and work in virtual educational and training platforms too. Indeed already has job listings for VR educational jobs.

Metaverse Marketers

Naturally, the marketers will arrive right after the techies. After all, big brands will want to see their investments payoff in better brand recognition and higher sales. Marketers can help clients find the best ways to gain visibility and increase sales. Right now, you might have already seen a new job title called “Chief Meme Officer,” which is a sly way to refer to people who keep up with trends and understand how to utilize them.

Metaverse Tour Guides

It takes most VR users some time to explore the ever-expanding metaverse, if that refers to one platform or all of them. Some tour guides might work as consultants for businesses to show them the best virtual properties to stake their brand, while others might simply guide users around a specific platform.

Metaverse Real Estate Agents

Individuals and businesses have an increasing interest in staking out properties and developing properties on such metaverse platforms as Decentraland. Still, the market remains quite speculative and sadly, scams abound. A metaverse real estate agent can help clients safely make metaverse transactions, offer price guidance, and provide advice about the best metaverse real estate for particular uses. This guide to becoming a metaverse real estate agent explains the career and how to get started.

Virtual DJs and Entertainers

Perhaps just behind gaming, the metaverse has become known for offering entertainment. People can attend virtual dances, concerts, and parties. Some VR-only DJs have already made a name for themselves, and the metaverse can offer opportunities for all sorts of entertainers. Maybe the next Justin Bieber will get famous with VR like the original made his name on YouTube.

By the way, here’s a snippet from Justin Bieber’s “Interactive Virtual Experience.”

VR Game Players and App Users

Software, website, and app developers already hire people to test their products, and the VR should offer the same opportunities. Also, some games and apps pay people for certain achievements. Today, these companies generally pay in the product’s tokens or crypto, though earners can trade some of these for other cryptocurrencies and even legal tender.

Future VR Jobs From the Metaverse

As the metaverse continues to gain in scope and popularity, people might start searching for metaverse jobs as often as they now look for ways to earn money online. Expect to see this article updated as more money-making opportunities in VR become available.

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