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Good Electric Bikes for Passengers

electric bikes for passengers
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Speed, quite, energy-efficiency, and fun all explain the growing popularity of electric bikes. Still, many people hesitate to invest in a motorized bicycle because their kids or partner can’t ride along because their two young, differently abled, or simply not up to cycling. These folks don’t realize that some companies make safe, high-quality electric bikes for passengers!

Can you take passengers on electric bikes? Today, some electric bikes come with strong frames, power batteries, and best of all, an extra seat! Only the cyclist needs to navigate, pedal, and control the motor, so the passenger can just tag along.

Many of these models can also haul cargo in addition to or instead of a passenger, so they’re extremely flexible. Earlier, the Frugal Pig explored why electric bikes are worth the money, and a passenger e-bike can add even more value to some households.

Three Fantastic Electric Bikes for Passengers (and Cargo Too!)

If you plan on taking young children, your adult partner, or even your aged grandma for a ride, you can find an e-bike for that! Like other bicycles, choices can vary by capacity, style, size, and price. Even if one of these three models doesn’t suit your needs or preferences, you can gain some inspiration to help you shop for the perfect model.

RadRunner Plus: Great for You and Your Adventurous Companion

The RadRunner Plus offers a perfect solution for riding with an adult companion who can rest safely and comfortable on a rear bench seat. This e-bike come with a seat, foot pegs, and a wheel protector already installed. If you don’t need the seat for a passenger, you can also use it as a place to strap on a bag or basket to carry cargo.

This e-bike for passengers costs $1,699 and is available from Rad Power Bikes. It can carry up to 300 pounds and gets up to 45 MPH on one charge.

Adult E-Tricycle With a Rear Seat and Backrest: Affordable Comfort

The manufacturer says that this adult tricycle with a comfortable rear seat and backrest can transport up to 400 pounds, making it a workhorse. Three wheels make balancing a breeze, and the padded rear seat with a backrest can carry two children or one larger person easily.

People with a passenger who can’t balance or hold (or just doesn’t want to) might consider a model like this. For instance, lots of customers reported using the bike to transport disabled people.

Amazon offers the adult electric tricycle for just $843, but the site also sells expert assembly for an additional $188. It comes with a QR code that provides access to English instructions and a video, and many buyers said they assembled it themselves.

Admotor Electric Trike: Two Can Ride in Luxury

Priced at just over $3,000, this e-bike offers a solution for people who want a durable and luxurious ride with excellent customer service. It can carry up to 350 pounds, though it’s only suggested for a primary rider who is at least 5’6″. The company does make another model with a shorter frame as well.

Amazon also offers this e-bike for passengers, and customers have reported receiving attentive service from the manufacturer. The e-bike also has a generous basket for carrying supplies.

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike for Passengers

An e-bike with the ability to carry passengers might sound like a great idea. Motorized bicycles can offer a frugal choice because these electric bikes generally can run quite far on a few pennies worth of electricity, plus, they’re easy to charge with a standard outlet. They generally run quietly, don’t produce emissions, and can go further and faster than a non-motorized bike. Some folks buy an extra battery or a portable charger to ensure they never run out of juice on the road.

E-Bike Fit and Capacity

Pay attention to the manufacturers suggestions for rider heights and weights. In general, the height range mostly applies to the person controlling the e-bike, but the weight generally accounts for the overall capacity of the electric bicycle.

Need for a Specialized Passenger E-Bike

If you just plan on taking your toddlers or small children for a ride, you might consider buying a regular e-bike with the capacity to install a safe child seat. Once your child outgrows the seat, you’ll still have an e-bike, and you can find a wider selection of models.

Safety First

Naturally, everybody onboard should wear a suitable e-bike helmet. Safety experts stress the importance of helmets on traditional bikes, and e-bikes can travel faster.

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