Sunday, 01 October, 2023

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Write About Wise Frugality!

At the Frugal Pig, we have learned that we don’t know everything. It might sound trite, but we know that we are better together! We invite guest posts from authors who can really contribute to the discussion about frugality in our lives and in the way we run our businesses. We want to help people save money and time, and we also want to help people enjoy their lives more by not worrying so much about stuff!

With that said, we do have a few rules:

We want topical articles: Be as creative as you please, but please take a minute or two to look around the website to see the kind of articles we have published before. If you don’t want to read too much, at least look at the categories.

We want helpful articles: We know you’re excited about your business, and we’re happy for you. At the same time, our readers want to be entertained, informed, educated, or inspired; they don’t want to read your full-page advertisement. Yes, you can add a link or two, but they have to direct readers to a relevant, quality site.

You can be self serving, but you have to be enlightened about it: When you contact us about your topic or with an article, tell us how you’re going to promote your page after it’s published. You could share our Facebook and/or Twitter post about your page (the links are on the right), add a link to one of your own sites, or make your own social post. If you’re not willing to pay us back with promotion of your post, you can also send us a pile of cash.

How to write for us in 3 easy steps:

  • Send a query via the contact form. It’s easy to find.
  • Tell us your topic and that yes, you plan to link back and promote your own article in some way. (This seems reasonable, but of course, we are still open to that pile-of-cash idea.).
  • We’ll get back to you to tell you to send your article on. We’ll also request an author name and email address, so we can give you your own author page. If you have an image that you have rights to use, we can use that too. After we’ve published, we’ll let you know the link to the page and that we’d like to know how you linked back.

Please don’t:

  • Ask us to publish your overly promotional articles.
  • Tell us that you write so well that we shouldn’t expect you to link back on your site or social media.

That’s it! We’re looking forward to seeing your contributions about frugal and sustainable living and business!