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Tips to Improve Gas Mileage That Actually Work

How to get better gas mileage, really!
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Since the price of gasoline has stayed relative low recently, talk about improving gas mileage has subsided a bit. If gas costs a little or a lot, it’s still wise to conserve fuel. Fueling up still costs money, and oil remains a scarce resource.

Before you invest in any sketchy gas-saving schemes, consider the tips to improve gas mileage at Your tax money pays for these useful resources, so might as well benefit from them!

Improve Gas Mileage: The Video

Here’s a quick video from and MotorWeek for people who prefer to watch their fuel economy tips:

The quick notes to help improve your car’s gas mileage include:

  • Learn to drive in a more efficient way.
  • Do a better job planning out car trips.
  • Keep your vehicle and tires maintained.
  • When you purchase another car, consider fuel economy!

Do Fuel-Saving Additives & Devices Really Save Gas?

You may get offered a fuel additive at the gas pump as an upsell. Do these gas additives actually help save money on fuel by improving mileage? Despite claims of saving up to 20 percent on gas, the Federal Trade Commission and Environmental Protection Agency aren’t big fans of these claims. Before you spend money on gas-saving additives and devices, it might be prudent to check the link in the previous sentence.

The general agreement with the government and car experts seems to be that most drivers should invest their money in gas-saving tactics like keeping tires properly inflated and cars maintained.

These are some gas savings that you might expect from taking these fuel-saving measures on your car:

  • Tuneups: Save an average of four percent on fuel consumption.
  • Tire inflation: Proper tire inflation should save over three percent.
  • The right grade of motor oil: This can improve mileage by one to two percent.

None of these savings appear dramatic, but if you do all of them to a properly maintained car, you can enjoy substantial savings that will add up over time. In addition, you’re likely to keep your car running better and longer. Improving gas mileage the correct way seems like a really good idea!

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