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Increase Credit Scores After Chapter 7

Frugal living in the 21st Century doesn’t look like your grandparent’s frugal lifestyle. Enjoy life with this frugal living framework.

Simple, tasty, and cheap enchilada bake

This cheap and easy enchiladas recipe can cost about $1 a serving, satisfy cravings, and stuff everybody’s bellies.

Bargain Guide to Groceries

Yes, you can find high-quality, healthy bargain groceries for foodies and families.

Money Saving Gadgets

The old saying says it takes money to make money. You might also switch that up to find that sometimes you can spend a little money to save even more. Saving money on electronics doesn’t always mean shopping for a Read more…

Why Diets Make Us Fat

The Importance of Family Budgeting Here at Frugal Pig, we find that most people or families don’t suffer from gigantic financial issues. Instead, they suffer from a multitude of small budgeting issues that accumulate into large problems over time. Very Read more…