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November 17, 2019


Cities with affordable rents

US Cities With Affordable Rents

Are Rents Affordable in Any Big Cities? Landlords are certainly happy that rents have increased in most major American housing markets. The problem is that many cities that were considered fairly affordable before are heading towards an affordable housing problem. This problem isn’t just in traditionally expensive cities like NYC and San Francisco, but it’s

More People are Renting Homes: 2016 and Beyond

What’s Behind the Spike in Home Rentals in the USA? It’s still fair to say that average American renters are younger and earn less money than average homeowners. With that said, the growth in high-income rental households has exceeded the growth in rentals by people with lower incomes over the last decade, according to a

5 Alternative Housing Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

It’s a fact that many parts of the U.S. are experiencing an affordable housing crisis. For most people, housing is one of the largest fixed expenses. When you think about the cost of housing, you can’t just consider your mortgage or rent. You must also add up the price for insurance and utilities and in