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October 13, 2019


How to get better gas mileage, really!

Tips to Improve Gas Mileage That Actually Work

Since the price of gasoline has stayed relative low recently, talk about improving gas mileage has subsided a bit. If gas costs a little or a lot, it’s still wise to conserve fuel. Fueling up still costs money, and oil remains a scarce resource. Before you invest in any sketchy gas-saving schemes, consider the tips

3 DIY Alternative Energy Projects for the Weekend

DIY Alternative Energy Projects You Can Do Some people may get more benefits from simply finding ways to make their homes more energy efficient for conventional energy projects. However, these fun and very doable DIY alternative energy projects can be done in a few days or over the weekend, and they are a good way

Benefits of a Professional Energy Audit

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the suggestions that professional energy upgrades can offer should save homeowners from five to thirty percent on their home energy costs. For many, investing a few hundred dollars in an energy auditor’s expertise and equipment is an investment to consider. Not only will it payoff in reduced fuel