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6 Everyday Reasons to be a Prepper!

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Do you associate preppers with apocalyptic or end-of-the world scenarios that might really only be expected in books and movies like Raft People: An Apocalyptic Tale of the Big Flood? It is true that most prepper website usually advise folks to start prepping because of wars, famines, cyber attacks, devastating floods, and other really dramatic events.Most of us hope that these things never really happen because we’d much rather enjoy our comfortable lives.

However, there are many very reasonable people jumping on the prepper bandwagon these days, and many of them say that their stocks and skills have come in handy in much less serious scenarios that have actually occurred fairly routinely. With this in mind, it’s time to explore six very sane and everyday reasons to become a prepper.

Reasonable and Sane Reasons to Become a Prepper

  1. Power Outages: During the winter or summer storm seasons, power outages are rather common. Alternative energy and stockpiles of lights and batteries are sure to come in handy a few times a year. During some events, they may even be fairly critical. You and your family can stay comfortable and informed if you have flashlights, radios, and other equipment that can be used during a power outage.
  2. Storms, floods, earthquakes, and blizzards: There are plenty of times when it isn’t smart to travel out on the roads is you don’t absolutely have to. If your home already has stocks and supplies, you and your loved ones can stay warm, dry, and well fed within your home.
  3. Financial issues: If you have an urgent bill to pay, you may need to scrimp at the grocery store. If you already have plenty of food stocked, you, your spouse, and your children will have tasty and healthy meals that you don’t need to go out and buy because your pantry has already been stocked.
  4. Family emergencies: If you need to attend to a loved one who is ill or even cope with a death in your family, you won’t have the added stress of a bare cupboard when you become a prepper. Everybody in your household can enjoy the stocks that you have already set aside.
  5. Daily frugality: Preppers become frugal because they learn to plan ahead, buy some things in bulk, and keep their stocks organized. Becoming a prepper naturally enforces the skills needed for frugal living. These include making shopping lists, gardening, organizing, and sticking to a plan.
  6. Life skills: The best way to teach your children some solid life skills is by setting an example. Your organized emergency supplies and resourcefulness are bound to help your children learn to become resourceful planners. I good times and bad times, these are great qualities to have.


Why Everybody Should Become a Prepper

You don’t have to become an extreme prepper in order to get prepared for whatever life might throw your way.In fact, most preppers start slowly by making sure they have emergency sources of fuel, communication, lights, and food. This only sounds like a reasonable thing to do when storms and minor emergencies may happen at any moment. In this spirit, you can find plenty of resources to help you learn the basics of prepping for emergencies.

Also, preppers tend to be people who are interested in conserving food and fuel. Preppers are good for the environment. While you help your own family, you can also help your neighbors, your community, and even the whole planet!

When you become a prepper, you won’t have to worry if you have a working flashlight or something healthy and comforting to feed your children during the next big storm. More than that, you will teach your kid’s some very good skills about living frugally and planning ahead. Most preppers also learn about shopping wisely, staying organized, gardening, and alternative sources of energy. The whole process enforces very good life skills for your entire family. Best of all, you can enjoy peace of mind.



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