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Earn Digital Money by Joining a Social Network

Note: We may embed some sponsored links that can earn us a commission to defray operating costs for this website.

You Can Earn Digital Money With Social Posting

Here at the, we’ve gotten pretty obsessed over electronic currency. If nothing else, you’ve certain heard about the Bitcoin boom (and a few busts). You don’t need several thousand dollars, or any money at all, to start earning digital currency that you can actually transfer into bitcoin, dollars, or the fiat or digital currency of your choice.

You Can Join Steemit for Free and Start Earning Once You Get an Account

You can read posts on Steemit right now. Here’s an example of a post I wrote about Growing the Steemit Community With a Post on! – Also, once you join, be sure to follow me and network at

You just need to join a block-chain based social network called for free. Note that the Frugal Pig does not earn any referral money for telling people about this new social network, but we hope to grow our own stake and help out our readers by helping to grow an already-booming social networking site.

Note: This is NOT investment advice. Here are the Pig, we’re just having a lot of fun on SteemIt and making a bit of money, and we think some of you might enjoy the opportunity. We are not associated with this social platform in any ownership capacity and do not earn anything from referring people. 

Why Spend Your Social Networking Time on SteemIt?

How many hours do you spend on Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Twitter, and all of the other social sites? Do you get paid for that? Well, it’s more likely that you help earn money for these very profitable companies and don’t get reimbursed for your time and content. With Steemit, you can earn money for upvotes for your posts and comments.

These are some common kinds of content that can help you grow your digital currency wallet on Steemit:

  • Blog posts
  • Photography
  • Helpful comments on other member’s content

At first, you won’t earn a lot of money; however, as your account begins to grow and gain more “STEEM POWER,” you can see your earnings grow. Plus, you also gain the benefit of reading posts by other members from around the world. Many are experts on different topics, journalists, or just regular people with interesting stories about their hometowns, occupations, and hobbies. SteemIt can get pretty addictive, just like Facebook, but at least, you can earn some digital coin on Steemit.

There are also other ways you can use this social network to profit. For instance, you might provide good content that leads other members back to your other internet platforms or even start a Steem-related business.

Anyway, if there’s interest in this post about earning money with social networks via Steemit, the Frugal Pig will be back to offer some tips about how to maximize earnings and value from SteemIt accounts. Just visit for a free account. It usually takes a day or two to get it validated, but they start you off with some Steem Power.

There are also places you can buy instant accounts with some power already added. These can be found and checked out by Googling. As always do your own due diligence before paying for things on the internet.


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