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Vegan on a Budget: Try the Dollar Store for Vegan Bargains

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Can You Be Vegan on a Budget?

So many people think that you have to spend a lot of money to remain healthy on a vegan diet. The main vegan protein sources typically cost much less than their animal-product alternatives. Vegans with concerns over iron or B12 intake can simply supplement their diets with a cheap bag of nutritional yeast that will last for a long time.

You may not find the nutritional yeast at the dollar store; however, you buy buy a lot of cheap vegan staples and treats there.

The Dollar Store Vegan

I actually had already found out that my neighborhood Dollar Tree had a lot of vegan food at a discount price before I stumbled upon this Peta article titled “Vegan Dollar Store” when I was researching some other work

At almost any dollar store, you can find plenty of legumes, rice, cereals, seeds, peanut and peanut products, canned or frozen vegetables, and many more staples.Certainly, you can also look for vegetable soup and sauces, salad fixings, seasonings, and snacks.

If you’re concerned about the salt in canned legumes and vegetables, you can simply rinse them off a couple of times under the tap before using them.

More recently, you will find that many dollar stores have begun to stock many vegetable alternatives to animal products. I’ve found soy milk, vegetable egg rolls, vegan burger patties, and even vegan, chocolate-covered bananas. Many of these products had recognizable brand names too. I found the quality mostly competitive with what I would find at specialty stores or large supermarkets.

Vegan Dollar Store Finds

Don’t Forget the Fruit Snacks!

I included a photo of these delicious, low-calorie, and healthy freeze-dried fruit stacks because they are my new obsession. I even looked into a home free dryer, decided it was out of my budget, and figured I could keep on treating myself to these fruit snacks for $1 a bag.

These best thing about them is that one bag is one serving. I hate buying snacks in a bag and then finding the bag is supposed to contain five servings. I mean, who doesn’t hate that?

Hunt Vegan Bargains at the Dollar Store

Of course, all dollar stores aren’t the same. Even the same stores tend to have different stock at different times. If you happen to pass by, why not go on a vegan treasure hunt. Hopefully, you’ll comment here to let me know more about what you found.



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