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5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better to Stop Smoking [Infographic]

e-cigs are better to stop smoking
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As an aid to stop smoking, e-cigarettes have proven themselves effective. In fact, they’re more effective than such FDA approved products as nicotine mints and gum. While still keeping a craving for nicotine addiction is hardly ideal, vaping is considered 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes. Also, nicotine mints and gum also maintain a nicotine addiction, so that’s not really a good argument.

Five Reasons Why E-Cigs Work Better to Stop Smoking

Almost all smokers know that they have a bad habit that can harm their health and annoy people around them. They also know their habit is expensive. Most smokers honestly wish they’d never started, but now they’ve got a craving that is incredibly tough to break.

These are five top reasons why e-cigs work better to help people stop smoking:

  1. E-Cigs have been encouraged in the UK and won: As for the effectiveness of vaping to help stop smoking, please refer to the infographic used as the featured image on this post. Since about 2012, e-cigarette use has been increasing. By about 2013, vaping topped nicotine replacement therapy and prescription medication as a way to stop smoking.
  2. People find vaping more pleasurable: Smokers know that smoking doesn’t just because a habit because of nicotine addiction. While e-cigs can supply nicotine, they can also simulate the sensation of smoking without producing smoke.
  3. Vaping can cost much less than smoking: First, vaping should cost less than smoking, so it relieves strain on pocketbooks. Second, studies from Georgetown University demonstrate that encouraging vaping over smoking can improve lifespans and health, so the human cost gets reduced.
  4. Vaping reduces health costs because it works: If e-cigs can get people to quit or even drastically reduce smoking, even the American Cancer Society’s position statement on vaping says they cause less harm. A similar British position paper declared 95-percent harm reduction.
  5. Vaping doesn’t produce smelly smoke: While vaping works better than other kinds of smoking cessation, it also eliminates the foul odor and potential harm of smoke. There’s no smoky smell on clothes and problems with second-hand smoke.

Switching From Cigarettes to Vaping Can be Frugal in Many Ways

Here at the Frugal Pig, we’re all about frugality. Honestly, we wish people never would have started smoking in the first place, but we’re also quite realistic. If we can save people money, help preserve health, and generally even improve the environment, we believe we have fulfilled our mission.

In summary, vaping can cost much less than smoking in the long run, though you may need to invest in a vape and vape juice to get started. Most heath bodies have agreed that vaping is less harmful to your health than smoking, though they admit it is not ideal. In actual practice, the UK encourages vaping over smoking in a way the US doesn’t, and they’ve found that more people tend to use and stick with vaping as a stop-smoking aid.

Vaping probably works better because it simulates and even surpasses the smoking experience. If you’ve tried such nicotine replacement therapies as nicotine gum and even prescription meds, and these tactics haven’t worked for you, maybe it’s time to consider smoking. Here’s a handy beginner’s guide to vaping from to help you get started.

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