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The Best Cheap TV Sets for 2021

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Perhaps you need a second TV for the bedroom, just don’t watch that much television, or really need a new set when you’re budget’s stretched. You’re in luck because the best cheap TVs for 2021 can really deliver upon features and quality that weren’t even available a few years ago from expensive TV sets. Sure, you can spend more; however, frugal shoppers can find plenty of cheap TV bargains from quality manufacturers.

What Do You Give Up With a Cheaper TV?

Yes, you still only get what you pay for when you purchase a cheap TV; however, sometimes you can choose what you need to sacrifice. For instance, a comparable set with a very wide screen will typically cost more than the same model with a somewhat smaller screen.

On the other hand, you may actually enjoy a better view with the smaller set in a space that doesn’t require a wide view. In general, cheaper TVs won’t have the same image quality. They won’t display as much brightness, contrast, and even darkness. They’re also generally a little thicker and heavier. Still, they’re comparatively sleek and light when compared to TVs from just a few years ago.

As another example, your budget may encourage you to sacrifice some other features. As an example, the 75-inch Sony X900H compares favorably to the TCL 6-Series. It costs a few hundred dollars more, and for that extra money, it offers 5G connectivity, better HDMI connections to maximize the performance of game sets, and it’s also compatible with ATSC 3.0 antennas.

If those benefits matter to you, than the frugal decision might be to spend a bit more on the Sony. If not, consider the TCL. In other words, you can save money and enjoy a satisfying experience if you figure out what matters most to you and then shop around to satisfy your personal requirements.

The Best Cheap TVs to Compare in 2021

For this TV review, we’re going to define cheap as under $500. Of course, retailers and manufacturers have specials all the time, so you may find some bargains out there. We’ve got to limit our choices somewhere, so we’ll have to go with typical prices as of this writing.

Hisense 55R8F

The 55-inch Hisense 55R8F checks in at $499. This Roku TV delivers 4K picture quality surprisingly well for its price. While Roku doesn’t offer quite as many features as Android TV does, many people find it an easier introduction to smart TV functions and still feature-rich enough for their tastes. It also performs well with fast input responses.

TCL 43S425

While TCL has already introduced it’s 6-Series, these 4-Series TVs can still get the job done for people interested in a budget-friendly TV. Like the 6-Series, the TCL 43S425 will support 4K HDR10. It also offers feature-rich Roku TV.

Even better, a 55-inch 55S425 TCL TV retails for about $379. In contrast, a similar 6-Series sells for over twice as much. For these savings, you will sacrifice contrast, color range, and brightness. Plus, the 6-Series has Dolby Digital. The 4-Series still gives you a lot for the money.

Vizio M-507

With prices as low as $379, users M7 streaming. Since this platform partly uses Google Cast, it’s like getting a TV with an embedded Google Chromecast. That makes it easy to cast and display Google Chrome tabs on the screen. So nobody gets left out, this platform also supports Apple users. The TV also runs its own apps, so users can find plenty of streaming services that don’t require a phone to use.

In addition, this set supports 4K and HDR in Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. It’s got decent color range but not a lot of brightness.

Are These All the Good, Cheap TVs?

Hopefully, this review of good TVs to compare in 2021 will provide you with a starting place to start your own comparison shopping. Even many of the high-end manufacturers market trimmed-down versions of their top-of-the-line sets for the budget market.

Some TV shoppers care the most about gaming, image quality, available streaming services, and ease of use. It’s just a matter of learning about all of the features modern, connected TVs can provide, setting a budget, and then finding the set that best satisfies you.

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