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Yes, Your Smart TV Needs a Soundbar

TV Soundbar Benefits
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Does your new, high-quality TV need a soundbar? Here’s the short answer. Yes, your smart TV needs a soundbar.

These days, manufacturers appear to compete to see who can provide the thinnest, lightest TVs. The most expensive TV brands appear to offer the slimmest models. These look great and seem to perform well on almost every metric, except sound quality. Meanwhile, expect most cheap TVs to sacrifice sound in the interest of lower production costs.

Why Your Flat Screen TV Needs a Soundbar

A TV soundbar provides you with an affordable, easy-to-install solution to mediocre sound quality, plus many models also offer plenty of convenient features and even access to more content. Consider the top reasons to buy a TV soundbar.

Slim TVs Can’t Offer Excellent Sound Quality

According to the Best Buy blog, TV manufacturers include speakers in all types of TV sets. These companies find it physically impossible to offer high-quality audio in TVs that don’t look much thicker than a sticker.

A couple of inches in depth just doesn’t provide enough room to include speakers that offer the depth, bass, resonance, and overall sound quality of larger speakers. It hardly matters if you spent $300 or $3,000 on your new TV. Either way, a soundbar can improve your listening experience.

Soundbars Offer an Affordable Solution to Improve Sound Quality

Sure, you can spend more on large speakers or an entire home theater setup. Soundbars cost less and are generally quite easy to install. Of course, the editors of the Frugal Pig never advise always using the cheapest solution; however, soundbars offer good value for the money, so they provide the sensible solution for many people.

Soundbars Offer Extra Features

A soundbar can enhance the audio of almost any TV. In particular, cheaper TVs may need more help. The same applies to features. In particular, people who purchased cheaper TVs might have sacrificed some features to buy a decent TV at an affordable price.

A soundbar can offer an affordable way to reclaim some of these valuable TV-watching features. A few examples of soundbar features could include:

  • Access to additional streaming content
  • Voice control through smart home assistants
  • A remote control
  • Mobility and flexibility

One of our editors has a slightly deaf parent in the home. Imagine the benefits of having a soundbar they can move near that slightly hard-of-hearing person’s chair. That way, that person can enjoy clear sound reception without having to turn the set’s volume up so high it blasts everybody else out of the room!

A Soundbar Can Change Your Idea of TV Sound Quality

Many decent soundbars cost about $100, so they offer a frugal way to upgrade your entire TV viewing experience. Besides offering better audio quality, many models integrate with smart home assistants, offer voice or remote controls, and even provide access to more content.

When you buy your next TV, consider including a soundbar in the purchase. You might have a chance to save more than the soundbar’s price on the cost of trying to buy the best audio built into the TV. If you have to ask if your TV needs a soundbar, the answer is probably YES.

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